Texas Is Ready for Destination Resort Casinos, It’s Time to Get in the Game

For a number of years, Texas has been the best place in the country to invest capital, create jobs and realize the American dream. Even one of the worst global economic downturns in history cannot stop the optimism that is Texas. Texas leads the nation in job creation and is one of the fastest growing states in country for good reason: we make doing business in Texas easy.

In order to keep pace with the demands of the current economy and a growing population, we must find solutions that expand and diversify our job pool while increasing revenue in a way that does not grow government.

Our proposal for a limited number of destination resort casinos means many thousands of high paying jobs, increased tourism, billions in new capital investment, along with a state and local tax revenue stream to help keep Texas competitive.

In the current climate Texas is losing. Texans are already spending many billions of dollars on gaming each year. Much of it is going out-of-state and paying for other states’ public schools and highways. Texans are gambling over the Internet and at tens of thousands of illegal (and untaxed) eight-liner machines all across the state. We want to capture all this activity, regulate it, and make sure that Texas benefits from it.

Let the voters decide. Our democratic system trusts the voters to elect legislators to serve in Austin who will enact their will. Poll after poll shows that as many as 85% of our state’s voters support a statewide vote on the expansion of gaming. The right of Texas voters should be respected; they should be trusted to make the right decision.

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